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Forensic DNA consultant

Forensic DNA consultant

Mr.Aby Joseph. MSc (F. Sc), MCSFS (UK)
Forensic CSI & DNA Consultant.
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Email: abysjph@gmail.com
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Mr. Aby Joseph is an internationally recognized competent Forensic DNA Expert and trainer with more than 22 years of practical experience in evidence collection, sample selection, DNA processing and interpretation (Crime, Reference, Data Base, Disaster victim Identification, Paternity and Kinship) who provides following forensic DNA Consultation and training services courses for Judges, lawyers (prosecution & defense), law enforcement officers, first responders, forensic science professionals and school/college students.

        Mr. Aby began his professional career in 1996, served Serology & DNA section of the Bahrain Police Forensic Science Lab for almost 17 years, later he served in the IS0/IEC:17025 (UKAS) Accredited DNA Lab and CSI of Abu Dhabi Police Forensic Evidence Department, UAE. He received his graduate education in the Biological Sciences (Zoology) from Kerala University from in India and received post-graduation in Forensic Science (DNA) from Madras university in India, He got many advanced specialized forensic science training in Forensic DNA from many internationally recognized professional organizations. He is a member of several of forensic science professional organizations, including the Chartered Society of Forensic Science (UK), International Association Evidence and Property Management, Indian Criminology and Forensic Science Association. He is a known competent speaker (Toastmaster) and social worker.

Areas of Consultancy Service Available:
  • Review case files including crime scene photographs, chain of custody documentation and lab results to compare to evidence.
  • If necessary, site visit to laboratory to review QA/QC information including corrective actions. Complete technical review of serology & DNA case files and results for accuracy and adherence of protocols.
  • Reanalysis of DNA data using GeneMapper IDX HID software and data interpretation.
  • Complete review of laboratory manuals and SOP, Quality Assurance and validation manuals.
  • Review of CSI & laboratory’s Anti contamination policies.
  • Expert witness services and trial preparation/consultation assistance to the prosecution and defense lawyers.
  • Offering variety forensic science training courses in CSI, Serology and DNA.
  • Providing technical and scientific support to transfer and implement new technology based SMART CSI and SMART Forensic science labs and forensic science courses.
  • Assist in the development of effective best practices for the collection/processing of sexual assault forensic evidence.